Amazing Love

She was a beautiful women, young, blonde, full of inward strength, glowing with smiles.

He knew she was. Gazing into her deep blue eyes, the Sheriff’s deputy knew that.

He knew other things about her as well.

She never gave up hope. In the face of adversity, she squared her shoulders, held up her head high, and headed into the coming storm.

She believed. She believed in miracles. She believed in life. She believed in love.

This was the moment for which he had always dreamed.

Gazing up at her Prince Charming with adoring eyes, she knew there was not another man like him in the world.

When adversity would come, he would be right beside her, every step of the way.

She remembered the hours he had spent in a chair across the room from her, unable to come near, just so he could be near her.

She had heard that love “never fails,” but she knew it now.

She had heard that love “never measures, it just gives.”

She knew that for sure.

He had spent the last years, giving and giving and giving to her, when other men would have up and left, unable to cope with it.

Not him.

He was in this, for better or worse.

Whether five days or twenty years, he was in this for good.

She closed her eyes and allowed herself to take it all in.

He held her close to him as if afraid he might lose her. But he couldn’t lose her, could he? Not now, at the beginning of this amazing journey together? With all the dreams they had laid up for the future?

He thought how proud he was that she had made up the aisle it to him tonight without an oxygen tank.

…the oxygen tank.

And she was starting to lean against him, closer and closer, sag more into his strong arms, because she was oh, so tired.

And in pain.

Such intense pain that she hid under her smiles…this graceful former high school homecoming queen…

You see, this is a twenty-first century romance.

Ten years ago, on Valentine’s day, our heroine found out that she had a malignant brain tumor.

She was only eighteen.

Nevertheless, she persevered.

Her former high school sweetheart, from whom she had separated, unaware of her condition, sent her a Valentine’s day note. He figured out that he would try to win her back, one more time.

Only Katie didn’t answer…her dad did. With some disturbing news.

He drove down to see her immediately…something made him want to be with her…something made him know that this woman was someone he wanted to spend his life with.

The operation to remove the tumor was a success.

For a while, it seemed that things might be alright. The relationship flourished, the cancer was gone.

Only the cancer returned, and it was inoperable. It was reaching her heart.

But there was something that the tumor could not beat…

the cancer could not kill…


She gave of herself selflessly to everyone around her…and especially to the love of her life.

And her sweetheart gave of himself to those around her…and especially to her.

He sat across the room from her for hours, while she lay, suffering under intense Chemo treatments.

They talked about their dreams…about the children they hoped to have.

She dreamed of being a high school counselor or a girls basketball coach.

He proposed to her out by the old lighthouse.

She comforted those around her and held onto hope.

Her hairdresser hesitated when she realized she had to cut off the beautiful blond locks. Katie leaned forward, laying her hand on the hairdresser’s arm, and said, “It’s okay.”

It changed her hairdresser’s life. It was an inspiration.

Five days after her wedding, Katie left this world.

She left it touched by her amazing love.

Are there words that can describe that picture?

Only one.

Amazing love.

You see, love is an amazing thing.

It cannot die.

Nothing can touch it.

There is nothing so powerful in the world as love. And Katie and Nick knew that.

That’s why we celebrate Valentine’s day, to celebrate something that has no limit.

On February 14th, we celebrated one of the single most wonderful things in the world.

Tomorrow we can celebrate it again. There is no limit to love.

Let’s celebrate Valentine’s day everyday, just like Katie and Nick did.

They are an inspiration to us all.

Life is a fragile chain of experiences held together by love. If there could be only one thing in life to learn, it would be to learn to love.

There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer, no door that enough love will not open, no gulf that enough love will not bridge and no sin that enough love will not redeem. It makes no difference how deeply seated may be the trouble, how hopeless the outlook or how great the mistake, sufficient realization of love will resolve it all…

 If only you can love enough, you will be the happiest and most powerful person in the world“–Katie Kirkpatrick-Godwin’s valedictorian speech

Happy Valentine’s Day.

With love,




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