After You!

Someone's Grandma gets a hand!

Someone’s Grandma gets a hand!

I made the chocolate chip cookies because I knew you liked them.

Hey, hon, are your potatoes warm enough?  I’ll microwave them for you.

That’s my secret recipe.  It was made out of a box. (haha! )  But I bought it and made it and brought it for you.

(Can you tell I haven’t had dinner yet????)

Call me if you need anything!

When you’re ready to decorate your classroom, I’m going to come and help ya with it.

My very wonderful, very hilarious Grandmom is incredible at spotting just what you need and taking care of it.   And no matter who she’s with, she always brings a laugh because of her very funny sense of humor.

And she has incredible self-esteem.  Always has. My entire 20+years of life have been spent watching her constantly on her feet, working her heart out for others.

Sure, she spends some time doing things she likes to do, like writing (like Grandmom like granddaughter!), and she spends hours in the kitchen, because she does LOOOOOVE to cook (just ask her about her Fiesta stackup recipe she makes every Christmas eve, I AM so hungry right now just thinking about it), and her man can’t cook . (Like she says, he doesn’t even know how to use the microwave!)

Here goes two cents for the day:

Me. My. Myself. Mine. I.  We say them everyday.  Sometimes we constantly think about them.  And sometimes we worry about them.  ‘What will he think about me?’ ‘What if she hates me?’ ‘Did I do something wrong?’ ‘What if they don’t like me?’ ‘Omg! omg! omg!’

When your 1st thought is for others, (helping others) then you can forget about yourself.  And self-consciousness goes away. (WHEW! What a relief! I can relax now!)

Instead you become absorbed with others, and what goes away? Thoughts about yourself. (Nice.)

Soon little things grow into great things, and you become occupied with thinking about and helping others, just like my dear little grandmom.

And, MIRACLES!! You have hit the jackpot of self-esteem!

For when you think about others, who has the time or mental capacity, to think or worry about themselves?

If my grandmom were sitting here writing this, I’m sure this is exactly what she would tell you!  Actually she would look at you and say, “Have you had dinner?…What would you like?  Would you like a Coke?  I’ve got one in the fridge!  If you want something to tied you over there’s strawberries in the fridge or chips in the closet.’ What grandchild is going to get in line first?  After you!”  (Goodness, I really AM hungry right now haha!)

Hmmm, now that I think about it…  Some of the most famous, most popular, people in the world, some of the Greats of the greats, the most Successful, live their life helping others.  For instance, Mother Theresa.

I know this has helped me.  Secret of secrets:  I fight low self-esteem like mad, & I don’t want a single person in the world to hate me. (unrealistically! but I still do)  && I always worry about what other ppl will not think about me.

So my grandmom would tell you a secret….help others, and you will help yourself!

Yup, she’s cool!

I’m sure you have some one in your life who is just as awesome!

WHO do you know, who is just like my Grandmom?  Always helping helping helping, others others others!!

Someone needs You!

Someone needs You!

Please share!  Leave a comment.

We would all love to hear!! 🙂

And I have a questionMaybe you can help me with it???

HOW can we help others?  HOW can we reach out to others?  What are the best ways that you can help others, think about others, take care of others?

Take a moment.  Take just a few secs.  Just remind us HOW we can do the same.  Maybe it will give us an extra boost!  An extra something we’ve never thought of before!


Tell us HOW!!

Xoxoxo to all of you,      🙂


Your Greatest

Your Greatest  🙂

Love life! Help others!

Love life! Help others!


2 thoughts on “After You!

  1. I would say share your story. Everyone has a story to share…I believe we are all souls just wanting to be loved. And they don’t care about how much you know… they just want to know how much you care.
    Our experiences, our trials, our joys, our hardships can be extremely powerful to even one person. To one person is could be the encouragement, the endurance, the strength, the reassurance they desperately need and are searching for.

    • So true in every way. Be genuinely interested in people and show them how much you care. Listen to them, and then share a part of yourself with them. So wonderful to hear from readers like you. Please continue to visit and post your thoughts. May God’s blessings shower you. 🙂 Love, M.E.

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