LOL; Goose Calls

So earlier this evening, Yours Truly, M.E. went for a stroll at the local park in town.

Across the little lake (actually out where I live, since it’s as dry as dirt out here, and there’s no water anywhere, it would be known around here as one of our very own Great Lakes) I spied a little walking bundle of ”HONK HONK HONK HONK” joy, waddling his little way around the green grass by the water.

I got the idea that I wanted to see this little guy up close.

So I walked around the Great Lake with that goal in mind.


I picked my way around the rocks, crossed a dangerous sliver of concrete from the drainage system, and got my nice little CUTE modern Jelly Roll shoes (that I got on a super-duper sale for $8 at the shoe store in town and that all the kiddos I teach call my Princess shoes) muddy by being my usual carefree self and  accidentally stepping in the water in the grass that always manages to find me.

But anyways, before I go into too much detail about the nice little walk over there, finally, I made it!  I was so excited. Thinking what a NICE picture this could be. And just thinking, how NICE it would be to see him up close.

Unfortunately Mr. Goose didn’t think so. No sir.   NICE? Not.

He picked up his feet and waddled North into the muddy water. Deeper and deeper.

Calling back to me HONK! HONK! HONK! and daring me to catch him.

And looking down at my already muddy Princess shoes, I didn’t dare take the dare.

So I thought I would take a different strategy.

HONK! HONK! he called

So…I squatted on the grass like a goose… &

HONK! HONK! I answered, at the top of my lungs.

So he changed his tune.


Haha, she couldn’t possibly know that one!

But I can do that too.

HONK! HEE! I called back.


HONK HONK HONK HEE!  Let’s see if she know’s that one.

HONK HONK HONK HEE!  I called, the object of course being, that by speaking in goose language, and lowering myself closer to Goose height, that maybe he wouldn’t be so afraid of me & might come back out of the water.

Mr. Goose and Yours Truly went on this way for awhile.

Okay.  I know.  I am such a nerd.

But don’t you ever do things like this?  Come on, what’s the geekiest thing you ever did?  Fess up. 🙂

And then I thought,

you know, maybe it might be a really good idea to make sure nobody was around??

You know, to see me not acting like Mother Goose?

So I slowly scanned the view over the lake.

All good there.  Whew!

I slowly turned around, & now discovered that directly behind me stood a row of houses with well-manicured yards & shiny slick luxury cars (the kind that I can’t afford) & sleek brick sidewalks and mailboxes.


Somebody over there for sure is gonna think I’m an absolutely weirdo.  Holding a conversation with a Goose out on the lake.

And then I saw the lady walking her dog in the distance.

Oh my goodness!

This was worse than I thought.

Mr. Goose didn’t think so.  Right now he had me at a definite advantage (far into the lake) and he was having fun at my expense.

So he swam right there in the water and called HONK HEE HONK HEE HONK HONK.

I was kind of in a dilemna.  Keep going with my original plan (now knowing my full position) and look like a nerd…

or just abandon the idea & walk away & not accomplish anything & look like a nerd anyway.

I decided the Nerd plan was best.  Keep looking like a nerd. I mean, stay with the goose.

Besides there was a flicker of hope.  I could just start to see that maybe I was making headway.

Mr. Goose was starting to rethink that just maybe, I wasn’t the Joker.

Or maybe he wanted to get some more fun in at my expense.  Or maybe was getting a little bolder, a little cockier…

Either way, he started to come.

Inside I cheered the little hornery thing on.  Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on!  And outside I called, HONK HONK! HEE! HONK! HONK! or whatever they say in geese language.

And giving my legs a workout.

Okay, I don’t even know why I’m sharing this story.  Why I’m wasting your time with this funny story (that makes M.E. look like a complete nerd too haha).

But I was just thinking about it afterwards.  And laughing at myself. Okay, LOL.  It had to look and sound so funny.

Okay, I have to admit, this really did happen.  And all I wanted was just to see the little goose out there on the lake & a picture wouldn’t have been too bad either.

But halfway through, I realized, you know, M.E. you kind of look and sound ridiculous.  So I really did look to see who was watching.  It all really did happen.  Now you know to what extremes I will go to see something out in Nature. (yes, I would be the one to venture to the top of the mountaintop!)

I hope you enjoyed this little post and had a good laugh (at my expense, just kidding 😉   )!

That’s okay. I’m laughing too.  I must have looked, and sounded ridiculous!

After all, it is good to laugh at ourselves once in awhile!  Enjoy life…like they say Next time you see a puddle, jump in it!  So have fun! Relax & laugh at yourself.  And try something new (don’t try sounding like a goose either haha!)

Sometimes we should take everything–and ourselves–less seriously!!!!!!

Laugh at yourself sometimes!  No one’s perfect, & besides, like you would probably tell me, it did sound funny!  It’s good for you.

Someone once said, ”A person who knows how to laugh at himself will never cease to be amused”  & ”laughter is an instant vacation.”

Laughter has been known to be a health-booster.


And have a wonderful night!   🙂

With all my love,



i lold did you


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