I Believe in You

So, it’s been my grandmother’s (the one who would ask you Would you like a Coke? who I mentioned in my post After You) birthday, and my grandparents’ anniversary.  They’ve been married for years, and you can tell by their sense of humor with each other.  When we played a game of hearts, they were sitting by each other, and BEFORE my Grandfather picked up the hearts my Grandmom passed to him, he chuckled and acted disgusted. Then I couldn’t believe it, I heard my grandmother say to my grandfather:

Ya you knew I would give those to you.

My grandfather just shook his head.

Man they love each other to death.

happy anniversary

Sorry, I’m still in the lovey-dovey, romantic mood I picked up from the other day, haha.  Oh where oh where is my Mr. Handsome?

Hmmm. Love like that.  It’s hard to find these days

…or whatever it means to care.  What does it mean to care?

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. -Leo Buscaglia.

I started thinking about all the people who have given me a kind word.

Say for instance, my boss. I’m lucky to have such an awesome boss!  Before my 2nd interview for my present job which was in front of a panel of at least eleven people, I stood there outside the door waiting.  Nervous, scared, my heart pumping crazy rhythms, my hands sweatin like crazy.  Would they like me?  What if I didn’t know how to answer a question?  What if they confronted me & grilled me & questioned what I thoughtWhat if I just up and had a mind blank? And worst of all, to be classy about this one, What if I let it all out in my pants?


I thought I stood there nice and tall, hiding my worries with fake smiles. But my future boss (who was supposed to introduce me to the board) wasn’t fooled.

He came over and said to me:

Don’t be nervous.  They’re nice people.  You weren’t nervous with me.  Don’t be nervous with them.

I stared at him, trying to figure out how he guessed. (I’m sure the simple observation that I had to keep leaving the room (to head straight to a very necessary place) had something to do with it)

Then he said.

I believe in you.  You wouldn’t have made it this far if I hadn’t believed that you could do this.

Then he said.

There’s only one person who came out of there dead.

Okay, I answered.  I was so dazed that I just stood there and kept thinking about his earlier words.

I believe in you.  You wouldn’t have made it this far if I hadn’t believed that you could do this.

He had the gall then to laugh.

Then I realized he had made a joke.  His secretary said, ‘Who, you?’

Ya,’ he said.


It broke the ice.  I laughed for real this time. The interview went so well.  Strangely, mysteriously. I was confident.  I felt strong.  I felt right at home.  I made them believe I was capable. I was offered the job.

Thanks to a small act of caring.  Thank you thank you thank you, Mr. Boss.

But it got me thinking.  Do I do the same for others????

Do I care?  Truly care?  Just like those 300 policemen who showed up for the kindergarden graduation of Tatum Raetz who had lost her father.

Someone cared.

Someone cared.

And Y?  Y do I care?  Because I can get something out of it, or because I do, I really do care.

Take some time to do something small for someone today.

As small (or as big) as a smile. As simple (or as mighty) as a hug.

And what does it mean to care?  Readers, I leave this one to you!  🙂

And dear You, someone cares for you!  I believe in you!



To all of You,


P.S. My grandmother just brought over a bag of green grapes and cantalope, because she said knew I liked them.  Someone cares.  🙂  Just as I finished this, she told me a story about the man named Butterfield at the grocery store who gave them complimentary green grapes because the ones she bought there were sour. Bingo he has points with my grandmother.  That made her day! Someone cared there, too. 🙂


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